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Kanga Online has partnered with BLR Solutions who are equipped to perform most of the services at the convenience of your own business or home. If you require assistance for an on site service, we suggest getting in touch with our team first via the contact methods below. Please note that our technicians have limited availability so we always suggest discussing time frames before booking.

Our onsite services include

  • Virus removal and antivirus installation If your computer has been infected or is not running right, we can perform a virus clean and removal with our specialized software. We can also happily install any antivirus software purchased from us to reduce the risk of re-infection.
  • Troubleshooting System troubles? Not able to bring it in? Have BLR Solutions come to you. Please let us know the issue you’re having prior to booking in the service and BLR Solutions can come equipped with the right equipment for the job.
  • Parts Install You can now buy any part you wish from our store, and have a BLR Solutions technician deliver and install it at your convenience.
  • System Install BLR Solutions technicians can install a new computer into your business or network. If you have any software needs for your new PC, we strongly suggest discussing this prior to booking the service.
  • Network Setup Have trouble setting up a new modem or router purchased from Kanga Online? We can do it for you!

Booking onsite services

We suggest getting in touch with our team prior to booking any on site services so they can advise you which service is best for you and roughly how long it can take.

If you would like to discuss an on-site service please get in touch with our support team.